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About Jasneet Pritam

Entropy, Agency, and Impact. My design practice is threefold in its broadest interpretation. 


Entropy and process. I want to embrace a gradual decline into disorder and chaos. My creative process in any context of art and design starts with a planned idea in structure and thought, and develops to disintegrate this initial plan in any way that visually or emotionally excites and mostly surprises me. My process is iterative and instinctive and uses the strengths of different mediums as a method of dissection rather than expression. In this sense, I activate my art through its transition from abstraction to realism or vice versa. 


Impact and medium. I work in mainly sculptural and digital mediums. Sculptures that can prompt interaction in spaces on varying scales. These sculptures are designed with their viewers as a medium in the work rather than a mere audience for the work. Together, I believe, that the experience and understanding of the concept explored are more substantial. Digitally, I have worked with digital collage, illustration, and graphic design for a majority of my past practice. I have recently started developing digital work in 3D, which I use both as an ideation tool and a method of creating unique digital sculptures and illustrations that help animate my visual interrogations further.

Agency and concept. I strive to focus on the intersection between architectural exploration and artistic expression. A balance between the aesthetic and conceptual. My experience as a student of architecture and the visual arts has moulded my practice to question notions of agency within our communities and utilize visual interrogation to create experiences that pose questions about our current ways of living. This takes no one form. It stretches across the exploration of personal identity in the glory of my South Asian roots, understanding the word “home”, and more recently ...


Jasneet Pritam is a Kenyan-born Artist with South Asian roots. She is pursuing a BFA, majoring in visual studies at the University of Calgary as an International Student. Jasneet has accomplished various studio-focused classes. She recently completed her Studio 1 in Architecture, resulting in proposing a unique artist residency in a public park inspired by various precedent studies. She has also completed different visual art studios to develop her expertise in diverse visual media. As such, she has experience with model making, 3D digital design and Fabrication, Studio-ethic, and the iterative process that all design spaces demand. She graduated her Advanced Levels with an award for the top student in Business Studies in the whole of Africa, but her passion for all things design drove her to pursue her current professional path. Pritam has intentions to strive to keep following her current interests in Architecture to explore a side of design that differs greatly from fine arts but allows her to keep building on her goals of being an interdisciplinary designer. She also has a keen interest in graphic design and its application in Social Media and Marketing, with volunteer and professional experience in this area. Pritam has also worked as an artist with works displayed in multiple group exhibitions as well as personalized commissions, small-project photographer, Interior Designer, and Architecture Intern before her recent move to Canada.

Our Services

We offer a variety of design services that cater to the unique needs of each project. Our services include: - Branding and Identity Design - Digital Art - Architectural Design - Traditional Art - 3D Art - Sculpture and Installations We take pride in our ability to create designs that are both visually stunning and functional, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life.

Awards and Recognition

At Jasneet Pritam, we are committed to excellence in design and have been recognized for our outstanding work. Some of our awards include: - Add Award Name and Year - Add Award Name and Year - Add Award Name and Year We are proud of our achievements and remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

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